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I very well know that Maximizer 12 is not available anymore. I thought somebody has an old license which is not in use and would sell it...

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My employer will not change over to CRMlive cloud. I work from home on my own computer and so its my problem... I have tried to get them...

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Hi thanks.. its pervasive and yes have the disk..moving to windows 10..thank you so much!

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Hi Firstly try clicking on the Maximizer icon top left and then see if when you click on open address book the list of databases are there?

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The first step would be to check that the SQL Server instance that hosts your Maximizer database is actually running. You can do this by...
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We also experienced an "Unable to connect to MaConfig database" error message today after Windows7 updates were installed on 1 PC on our...

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How and where can one setup a Frequency or Limit for these LDF Log files? We are using Maximizer CRM 11 Enterprise Edition Server
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