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The first step would be to check that the SQL Server instance that hosts your Maximizer database is actually running. You can do this by...
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We also experienced an "Unable to connect to MaConfig database" error message today after Windows7 updates were installed on 1 PC on our...

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How and where can one setup a Frequency or Limit for these LDF Log files? We are using Maximizer CRM 11 Enterprise Edition Server

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Hi When you get past the login screen it is very limited from a customisation point of view. We have our own portal technology that...

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Hi You can replace the images used on the login page to represent your company brand. These files are in the relevant portal folders...

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I realise this is now quite an old message, however we have just taken over the running of this forum. If you still experiencing these...

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Thank you for the reply, and I was hoping for something that actually works in Max. Unfortunately I am disappointed again - no this does...

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We have been using Maximizae since version 3. It has been a great system for our small office. We currently have Maximizer Group edition...

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We had the same problem, the issue seemed to be occurring because of the Email window (on the left hand pane) constantly refreshing a...

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... and if anyone would be interested in how I got past the ransomware, let me know. I'd be glad to share.

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I know this is an old thread. However, I'm experiencing same issue when I install Max 8 on Windows 7. Did you get a solution to this?

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I beg to differ. My Maximizer 12 has been beeping without any hot tasks. There is no email coming in. This started a few months ago.
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