Receiving NO OPEN ERROR on using ImportXMLFile (OLE) method

Hi All,

I'm using the next code to import new and updated company info into Maximizer:

$res = $oMax.ImportXMLFile("D:\maxclient.xml")
MsgBox(0, "Import result", $res)

$oMax contains the Application object and the OpenDatabase method opened the addressbook correctly. All files are on the expected locations.

Before returning a TRUE the ImportXMLFile method returns this ERROR:

A NO OPEN error occurred on the 'Addressbook Entries' file (DATAMANAGER returned an error code of 3)

And no company was added to my addressbook.

When I do the import using the maximizer GUI everything works fine (using the same xml).

When I use the ImportMTIFile method using a .mti file everything works fine too.

So what am I doing wrong here (what caused the A NO OPEN error)?

Hope someone can help me?

(Attached script and XML file to the post)

Greetz, kind regards



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