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I've recently joined another forum on home improvement that has proved to be a fantastic resource. The topic of getting more out of that forum came up, and I thought I'd share the ideas from there with the Maxtalk community and solicit the feedback of others. Moderator, if you agree with this idea and have the ability, maybe you could make it a "sticky" so it always appears at the top of the list?

Anyway - here goes :

1) Everyone is welcome to contribute - newbies are encouraged to contribute as much as more advanced users. Sometimes just knowing you're not the only one having a problem, or hearing from someone with the same perspective as you that they feel the same way, is enough to let off some of the pressure.

2) Post your solutions - if you've posted a question and come up with a solution, post it as a reply to your own thread. This builds our knowledge repository at a great rate.

If anyone has other suggestions, post away. We're all here because we need Maximizer resources, so let's get the most out of them we can!

- R.
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