Originally posted by MHUME:
I get the Following Error when I try to Start the SQL Server(MAXIMIZER) service.

Error Code 3417

Dear Michael,

I'm afraid this suggests that the Master database that controls your Maximizer SQL server is damaged. In most cases you data is Ok but can not be accessed. Probably your computer crashed or the laptop power failed and windows did not have time to close properly.

If you have a recent Backup of the SQL server master database recovery may be possible. Most likely you do not have this, in which case there are two routes. Both require a complete uninstall of Maximizer and Maximizer's SQL instance and a clean up of the SQL data (IMPORTANT: only rename and do not delete the SQL Data path).

After the clean up - re-install Maximizer, create a new database and restore the latest database backup. If you do not have a backup you will most likely need assistance to recover your data from the SQL directories (which is why you must only rename not delete these).

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