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We've had Maximizer Enterprise 8 installed on a win2k server for a few years, never had any problems with it. We just received a new machine and we need to tranfer the address book to the new machine.

I figured it would be as simple as creating a new blank address book on the new machine and overwriting it with our old copy but we receive lots of btrieve errors on load and things just don't work right.

So i wiped that out and created another new address book and went to my old machine and did a "Backup" then copied those files to the new machine and did a "Restore" all of my users are there all of my contacts are there but on startup I receive a " [Maximizer][ODBC Driver][Btriev Database]Bad/missing ODBC.ini or <DataDirectory> entry in it error.

Does anyone have any experience or any methods of properly moving an address book from one machine to another? Or know how to correct this error?
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