Trying to set up Campaign Email for the first time with CRM 11 Group, and suspect some type of corruption has occurred in a configuration file for my production address book - though before making a mess of the whole thing, wanted to perform a sanity check.

In the CMGR-EMAIL_yyyymmdd.log for our production address book, the workspace.cpp section shows the appropriate entries for [Lines 123, 151, 174, 184, 193, 197, 205, 244, 254, and 261], but instead of the [Lines 281, 329, 338, 342, 363, 367] denoting AUTO_EMAIL configuration parameters, only the following [Line #] appears:

[Line 388] Configuration data of Address Book 'XYZ' are not set properly (Reason: Failed to connect to Address book. ).

Any help from someone a lot smarter than I am would be appreciated, and thanks!
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