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I am installing a new copy of 7.5 Enterprise and my question concerns what is the best way to bring in the data from a version 7 standalone system into the new multi-user version.

I tried to create new address books that pointed to where the old ones are located but that did not work. Do I have to use the import function to bring in the 12 databases or is there an easier way.

Thanks for any help in advance.
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By default the Maximizer files are stored in c:\program files\maximizer\maxdata\addrbks, or possibly in c:\maxdata, generally this depends on if you have a client/server installation or a workgroup installation.

If you cannot find the files in either of those locations you can search the disk for *.max files, the .max files are the Maximizer data files so you should be able to find the address book files that way.

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