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We had a hard ware problem a few months ago that corrupted the main maximizer database - restored this and all seems ok.

I've come to reconfigure another pc and says it cannot fin/login to maconfig. I've checked the enterprise manager - maconfig is there, permisions are correct. and I can open tables within it. I cannot restore as our backups are overwritten in th egeneral backup cycle.

I've gone to the administrator program and tried to save maconfig data - no luck.

Any thoughts on re - establishing connectivity
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We also experienced an "Unable to connect to MaConfig database" error message today after Windows7 updates were installed on 1 PC on our Network. MXZ Ent.CRM 12 was working perfectly before that install.

I was recently told that this issue may be a networking issue;

Can you Please let us know what steps you took in order To Resolve this connection issue.


The first step would be to check that the SQL Server instance that hosts your Maximizer database is actually running.   You can do this by following these steps on the SQL Server Box:

  1. Press the windows key (between CTRL and ALT on the  left of your keyboard) and R at the same time.  This will open the run dialog
  2. Type Services.msc in the box and click ok
  3. Find all services called "SQL Server" or "SQL Server ({instance name})" 
  4. By double clicking on them in the list, ensure that they are enabled , automatic, and running.

If these services are running then I would expect the problem is that the computer which is running Maximizer cannot reach the computer which is running SQL over the network.  

This article suggest some steps to take to resolve SQL connectivity issues:

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