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I am using Maximizer 11 and I too started getting error code 19 after the latest Windows update 2-3 days ago.  I get approx 20 files that it says are unrecoverable on the "Opportunities and Campaigns" file, "Link File" file and "Customer Services Cases" file.  It is affecting UDF's and appearance in Column reports.  I can open and use but I have to press the enter or cross button 20 times every time I make an entry or access any udf's to get rid of the error message.

We got the same issues recently. It was resolved by uninstalling any recent Windows Security updates after 11/9/22. And then specifically searching for and getting the Windows Security update KB5019959 removed. This update reappears after the removal of the the more recent updates, if it is not already in place.  Not sure how long Maximizer will continue working after the next Windows update though. For now, the frustrating Error 19 messages are gone, and it seems to work as before. Hope this helps!

So further to my post minutes earlier, it seems Max's fix has worked.  Go to Control Panel, Programs & Features, then click on view installed updates.  I had 2 that were dated 11th and 10th Nov - KB5020622 and KB 5019980.  I am assuming the numbers may be different because I am in Australia, so I uninstalled the KB5019980 as that number was closest to what Max posted.  After restarting computer which took a few minutes, I opened up Maximizer 11 and Yipee!  Everthing is working for now.  It seems all other programs are working e.g. Microsoft 365, Norton, and other installed apps.  I have tested most of them.  So hope this helps everyone else who is having this Error 19.  Thanks Max for your suggestion.

Yes, removing the update KB5019959 or similar does in fact fix the problem temporarily BUT when the next MS update happens, it installs the newest updates and the KB 5019959 again.  So when this happens I have just gone in and again uninstalled that particular update again.  I do not know how long I can keep on doing this because I suspect that at some point I will not be able to.  So in the meantime I will be looking at other options.

Thanks for keeping us updated Harold, I inadvertently installed the latest updates 2 days ago and because it didn't affect Max 11, I assumed that the updates did not complete.  But I no longer have any bubble to say to close and update or restart and update - they are all missing and after reading Harold's  message, I did a check, it said my computer is up to date.  Happy days are here again, I have been spending a lot of time on looking for a similar cost effective or free data base to just capture sales data that I can print mailing labs from - to use to sort and make lists and make important notes about customers if required - I just don't need all the fancy stuff, I know Maximizer well and can configure it just for what I want and it works fantastically.  I have been using maximizer versions since 1994 and to change to Monday or Zoho I just find they are full of pipelines, leads and stages and way more complicated than they need to be for what I want.  Fingers crossed it keeps working for a while longer.  Thanks everyone for contributing.

Thanks so much Harold & Tess for your latest inputs on this. Fantastic that this issue seems to be resolved now and we can finally allow Windows updates without fear of corrupting Maximizer again. We're based in Canada and have been using this product since 1995 as well, and love it for it's simplicity and efficiency at doing what we need - just adding & printing notes for history, setting hotlist reminders and printing labels. Have never found the other plug-ins like campaigns, opportunities, customer service to be of much use. Upgrading to the cloud version seems ridiculously expensive for what we use it for.   Wish us all good luck going forward and hope Maximizer keeps working for us for a few more years!

Guys, not quite out of the woods for some of us yet. We are using Maximizer 10.5 with Windows 10 - the error persisted after updating windows. This time, we had to remove updates KB5021087 and KB5021233 to get Maximizer working properly again.

Note that KB5019959 no longer shows up as an update that is removable, it may have been superseded by something in the two noted updates above.

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