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Is anyone using the De-Dup Add-on succesfully?
I have downloaded the trial and cannot get it to work, continues to give me cryptic errors and I cannot find anything in online Help or manuals to get a solution my email to support has no response thus far.
I am getting three different errors:
1) Trying to Add a De-Dup Key I get error "The current search command can not be executed by Maximizer because the COMPANYNAME|* search text appears to contain one or more illegal comma characters that it cannot accept"
What does this mean, what can I do to fix it?
2) When trying to run a De-Dup with a Range I get error
:Results from a previous De-Dup may still exist in this database You are advised to delete the UDF Max Feed Duplicate GFroup. You should also delete all item valuies except "DO NOT MERGE" and "MERGE MASTER" from UDF Max Feed Duplicate Flag before running this De-Dup
What the hell is this talking about??? What is a UDF, where and how can I delete whatever it is this message is telling me to delete.
Can these messages get any worse??????????
3) Getting some type of error about the trial version has limitations and will not run. But it does not tell me what I am doing that exceeds what limitstions so I can change it and continue trying out the trial.
That is what a trial is to try it!
The help/message reporting is TERRIBLE, I would love to purchase some add-ons to Max but if this is the way these add-ons work during a trial I am doubtful they will work in production

I would greatly appreciate any assistance on any of these!
Tahnks in advance for your help
Original Post
I can answer question two for you. In maximizer (I am using 7.5 so the menus may be different)

1. Select File > Set Up User-Defined Fields
2. Scoll down to and select Max Feed Duplicate Group and select delete.
3. Next select Max feed duplicate flag and click Items
4. Delete all values except DO NOT MERGE and MERGE MASTER.

The max feed tool does a good job of hilighting duplicates but we merged them by hand.

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