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From: Ian Wallace(CABC)
Maximizer: Maximizer Enterprise
Date: 06 Apr 1999
Time: 12:15:39
Remote Name:

Maximizer Transfer is the facility (MDE) that's built into Maximizer and provides a basic data base merge capability. Max Exchange is an additional product designed specifically to facilitate remotely sychronised sites and laptop users.

MDE can transfer most client data, deciding what to update, based on flags in each record that give a clue as to what was changed last. MDE can performs an additive change and will not transfer information about things that have been deleted. You have to decide which records you want to transfer although Maximizer can help with this process. Unless you are careful to preselect only the modified records the process can take a long time. To make good use of this as a sychronisation system you need to be a fairly competent IT user as it can involve intermediary databases. MDE is a good way to move a few (or a lot) of new records from one database to another and its a low cost way to do some remote working.

Max Exchange is a true database synchronisation product and is designed to be simple for a remote user to use. Max Exchange records every change made on a Maximizer database and then uses this change history to update other databases. Max Exchange has a management tool to configure which records will be sent to which remote sites. This way different remote users can recieve all of the data or just that for their territory. Max Exchange only sends information about changes, so the updates (including deletions) can be very quick to process. Max Exchange can send the changes over email or a LAN/WAN or by ftp, it can also synchronise across time zones and can run automatically to keep a remote site in sync.

From: Alan
Product: CABC Maximizer add-ons
Date: 10 Aug 1999
Time: 07:32:23

Maxexchange does a field level compare with regards to updating the records where as a the Transfer option is more designed for combining database's. It can be used to keep databases in sync but when you have more than two user's doing that option it become's unwieldly.

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