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I'm just dropping my two bits here...

But I think that Multiactive is making a huge mistake in dropping the standalone versions and trying to push everyone to the cloud version.

I know recurring revenue is a great thing and its obviously better for the company to charge $60 a month per user than $200 per license but their existing user base is used to a one time reasonable license cost and whenever you want more licenses they are pushing you to this different model.

I have used the cloud version and IMO it sucks compared to the standalone version. The standalone version is like a Ferrari and the cloud version is more like a Fiero.
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We have been using Maximizae since version 3. It has been a great system for our small office. We currently have Maximizer Group edition 10. It does what we need it to do except that we are running out of room on at least two of our databases ( we have already partitioned one database into two) and we need two more license. The cloud version is something we are apprehensive about but it may be the only thing thay offer before too long. They are having a "Discontinuation Webinar" soon.

Sure wish we could buy two license of Group edition 10 and also find a way to get more size in the databases. Any suggestions?

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