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From: Christina Spencer
Product: Maximizer Enterprise 5
Date: 16 Aug 1999
Time: 11:15:02

We have a website where we collect info from people who download our demo products (and soon, on-line purchases) I would like to process these inquiies / orders automatically but don't wish to use Maximizers web page creation utilities. Can I organise the format of my e-mails, heading and messages so I can automatically add the details given, to address book?
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From: David Papworth (CABC)
Product: CABC Maximizer add-ons
Date: 16 Aug 1999
Time: 15:36:59

There isn't an in built way to import data from emails directly into Maximizer.

However Max Feed 1.5 the forthcoming version of CABC's import and deduplication Maximizer add-on has a new feature allowing the import of data from formatted e-mails straight into Maximizer.

The feature reads all e-mails with a user specified heading, and imports or matches each e-mail as a record.

The email must be formatted with each field on its own line. Each line must consist of the field heading followed by the field content (seperated by a colon)as follows:

Heading1 : FieldContents1

Heading2 : FieldContents2

Heading3 : FieldContents3 etc..

The last field can contain more than one line of text e.g:

Heading4 : This is a customer comment

from my web site!

For more information about Max Feed 1.5 See:

From: Jim Thomas - ThomaSales
Product: Maximizer Enterprise
Date: 11 Sep 1999
Time: 08:37:30

I'm an independent business automation consultant in Denver, CO and I work closely with The Maximizer Partner for the Rocky Mountain region, Net Solutions Group. They have developed an awesome 3rd party product that easily brings web form data into Maximizer. Contact John Ruff or Coleen Sullivan at NetSG in Denver, CO. To Call: 1-877-798-1544 or email:

Feel free to contact me for further reference. - Jim Thomas 1-877-777-7712
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