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Dear Happy Maximizers,

I compose email messages from Maximizer using Outlook.

However, when I open a new message body, the email signature I have set up in outlook does not appear.

Can anyone explain to me how I can set up a signature so that it appears in the Maximizer email, based on the above settings?


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My email signature is 10 lines incl. the attached text file which contain my disclaimer. So I don't know why your restricted to only two lines. Perhaps this is something Maximizer introduced after v7.0 (my ver.). Maybe someone who used v7 email signature feature can confirm if this was changed in v8 or v9.

Alternatively, you could put your signature in a text file and use the attach text file feature???

Another way to control the font is to do the following when you are creating a new email. Once you have opened the new email :

- Click Format > HTML
- Select all the text in the body of the email (put the cursor in the body and click Ctl-A)
- Click Format > Style > Normal (for us this changes the body font to Arial 10 point, an alternative is to click Format > Font > Arial 10 point)

This is what we do with Max 7.

- R.

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