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Hi there everyone.. I have a maximizer 9 which I need to swap to a new computer.  So far I have backed up and exported to CSV file excel.  What I would like to know is if I load maximizer to the new computer will this CSV file be ok to import.  As you realize I am nervous about this as I don't want to lose all contacts and work I have so far.  Your help would be appreciated.. 


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Hi Mary,  I'm taking your enquiry over from my colleague to explain that the standalone version you have (9 Professional, Pervasive) is not compatible with Windows 10 and simply won't work on Windows 10 PC.  So we wouldn't even take payment to try, as it would be a waste of your money.

If you're a single user with no Windows Server, then the only option open to you is to move a single Address Book (database) into Maximizer's "CRM Live" cloud environment.  So may I communicate further with you on that via the email address you registered with MaxTalk?

I guess it will work on the original Operating System it was designed for, but it's been so long ago (11+ years) I don't know what that was and doubt those Operating System is even available nowadays.

I really do think your best/safest-long-term option is to move your Max 9 Pervasive database into Maximizer's "CRM Live" cloud environment, which is what I wanted to explain via email.


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