I have maximizer database. In this database I have AMGR_Letters_Tbl where Documents and Emails with Attachments exist. What can I do is to import documents and email into another database. Problem what I am facing is that TextCol column in letters table is of type image having some type of encoded data. I want to decode that data and migrate emails with attachments.

Any quick help will be highly appreciated

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It is quite difficult to extract documents from Maximizer, and exporting Emails with attachments from Maximizer is even more difficult.

Having established how to do this (after several attempts!) we are now able to offer an in house document export service (including email attachments) using the process that we have created. We would provide back to you a folder structure filled with documents and an accompanying excel/tab file containing the data/filepath/IDs/etc for each document.

If you would like more information, please reply below, call us on +44(0)345 2608801, or contact us through our website at www.advoco-solutions.co.uk

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