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Is there a simple way to send information from Maximizer 10 group ed to applications and forms that we currenty must complete by hand ? Many of the applications and forms must be approved by the Risk Management Agency of US Department of Agriculture. We can not alter or change the form. Many of the UDFs contain the info that must be on the paper forms and apps.
As an aside, we have been using MaxDoc for years and its great.
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When we created MaxDoc our objective was to provide the same menus and features in Word as the Maximizer built-in word processor provides. The scanning feature and the link to capture faxes from Zetafax are obviously additional.

MaxDoc can be used to generate documents directly into Microsoft Word. While this feature is available as a standard part of Maximizer it does not allow you to simply click a button, choose a template and create a merge document that is embedded in Maximizer against the client. This is what MaxDoc does. In other words, you can use MaxDoc to generate merged word documents quickly and easily from Maximizer.

Please note that while MaxDoc works with current versions of Maximizer, Office and Windows we are currently making a number of small changes to improve compatibility with the latest Windows and Office versions.


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