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Hi all

I am pulling my hair out !!!. When loading word from maximizer, I get the Max toolbar but I get no response from from the insert merge fields icon. I click it and it does nothing. Iam sure its something silly but Ive not been able to do it. I have max ent 9 with office 2002. Can anyone help please ?
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I'll try to help here. The fact that the toolbar displays tells me that the Maximizer template is loaded. However, perhaps your security settings are too high. First try setting Word's security for macros to medium. That's under Tools > Macro > Security for Word 2K and I imagine its the same for 2002.

Do you haver Maximizer open. I'm assuming you do because if you clicked the Merge Field icon and Maximizer wasn't loaded you'd get a prompt to start Maximizer. Do any of the buttons work? Highlight a record in Maximizer and then switch to Word and click the next record (down arrow) button and then go back to Maximizer - did the next record get highlighted?

Let me know your results.

From what you said it turned out to be security in my antivirus program.

Many thanks

I am now trying to set up word teplates to use within max, but It seems to show thw actual data not the merge fields. So when I save it to use again with a different contact it keeps to the contact I had saved. Any ideas ?

Thanking you in advance

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