Hi all,
I am not using the Web forms so am just looking for an offline solution.

What I would like is to be able to add orders manually and choose products from a Catalog.

So at the moment this is what I am doing:
- Go to order desk
- Right click and select 'Add order'
- Click the 'Add button'
- Click 'Get Item info from Catalog'

I get an error message saying 'In order to select items from a catalog in the Add/Modify Catalogs dialog box'. See attached screenshot.

Where can I do this? I've spent hours trying to create this catalog. I just have a list of 20 products I'd like to add to it and don't want to type out the name and price of every product each time. I can see that there is a catalog like this in the Escona tutorial so it must be possible..

I'm using Maximizer 11.

Would really appreciate any assistance..


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In case anyone else is having this problem I got an answer to this question by email:

"I’m afraid that as far as we know this is a bit of a Maximizer 11 special issue.

The problem really arose from the dropping of the ecBuilder product that used to ship with Maximizer. There is no catalogue builder in Entrepreneur V11 or 12.

There is some good news in that the catalogue builder is now present in the V12 Group and Enterprise products."

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