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>Isn't there a more elegant way to solve this simple request than to
>need a consulting solution?

Your original post mentioned Crystal Reports (CR), so I offered a link to a Business Partner in your area with expertise in both CR and Maximizer (including v9, despite the old information on their site). In another thread you asked a similar question, I posted a sample CR formula field, and your response told me that some CR training would be beneficial to you if you were serious about using CR with Maximizer.
I've worked with accounting, supply chain, project tracking and CRM software for 20+ years, and custom reports are always demanded. Everyone wants what's in Report A combined with what's in Report B, with one more column but minus the two middle ones. Then you have averages, minimums, maximums, sort order requirements, clip levels, date selection, etc.

And they all start off with a request like "How much time do I spend on an opportunity" and the feeling that it's a "simple enough request". OK - so now you know the total time you spend. Who spends that time? What type of time is being spent? How does it compare to other Opportunities? Or only certain similar types of Opportunities? What does it cost us? How is it trending?

Not meaning to be disrespectful at all, and Max certainly has gaps as does all software. But custom reporting for a product as complex as Max is not surprising. And yeah, a custom report, no matter how simple, is a consulting solution by definition. Often the largest part of the consulting solution is defining the requirements up front, in detail.

Training on CR is likely your best starting investment if you have any level of Do It Yourself orientation. Many simple things you'll then be able to take care of yourself, and you'll understand both what else could be done and what the magnitude of effort required will be for more complex requests.

- R.

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