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Hi, Ben.

One way to convert Excel data into an XML file would be to create a merge template in Word, merge the data from the Excel spreadsheet, and then save the merged document as a text file with a .XML extension.

The real trick is determining what the XML file should look like. As a simple example, if you had a CSV file that looks like this...

"Bob","Loblaw","Mr","2006-02-10","12:09:30","This is a note."

...after converting to XML it would look something like this...

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<AllData   xmlns             = ""
           xmlns:xsi         = ""
           xsi:schemaLocation= "  MXISchema.xsd">

         <Text>This is a note.</Text>


To see more XML tags, try exporting some address book entries to XML and then look at the resulting file.

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