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Thanks, Rooster. Yes, that's what I meant.

When databases start "losing" data the first thing to do is to rebuild the indexes. Maximizer does this via its own backup/restore procedure. Check the Maximizer help for references to repairing a a corrupted database.

That said, whenever I receive a report of a particular user "losing" notes I always have them verify the status of the "Show All" checkbox at the top of the Notes pane. Very often it's simply a matter of that box being unchecked.
This is intestesting. I wonder if you could provide an update on whether you found the missing notes? I have reports of a similar problem on Max7 Enterprise (Pervasive) and this problem has been with us since Max5. Although I know I wont get a fix from Maximizer, I'd still like to find out the conditions that notes are lost.

Most recent case the user has sent me a Maximizer report of the notes so I know they were in the remote database but now where I look they are gone. Done the backup/restore without any success.
Maybe a foolish thought, but we've had this appear to occur before and it's always that "Show All" or "Show Logged Notes" is unchecked, so not all Notes are displayed. Everybody laughs sheepishly, and goes back to work until the next time someone forgets to look for this.

Have you checked into this as a possibility?

- R.
Thanks for the speedy replies:

Gord - checked the Admin module but the option you mention is not listed.

Rooster - Not the cause of the problem, sorry to say. I can see some notes of the type the user has lost so I know it's not the 'show all/logged notes' setting.

Bit more info: I checked the database via ODBC connection and also the Pervasive Control Centre and I can see the gap in sequence number for the one contact I'm focusing on, so I know the note was there. Also, the user has a hard copy of the note to prove this. Strange thing is that the note isn't on any of the remote databases so it's like a delete event have occurred (ie: Maxexchange has somehow thought the notes needed to be deleted from ALL databases where it exists). However, I do not believe that a user has made the deletion as the missing notes are critical so it makes no sense at all for somebody to delete them.

There was a similar problem last year with clients being deleted by the software under certain scenarios. We ran nTH tier then and moved to a 2-tier structure and that made the problem go away, or at least we stopped seeing clients being deleted - they just get withdrawn from remote databases now.

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