I have an old computer that has problems on the hard drive. I have bought a new computer and I am trying to transfer over my Max 10 data.
I cannot start Max on the old computer because the SQL database comes up with an error and wont start. Everything works fine on the new computer. I have folders of saved MAX information, but from everything I have read, it seems like none of that will help me get my database back.
I was posting on the MAX forums and someone from Maximizer said it is possible to get the information back, but I would need to contact MAX support for help.
Anyone know how I can transfer this stuff?
Can I find the SQL maximizer database somewhere?
very annoying...
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AS an update,
I was able to locate the actual "database" files under the Microsft SQL folder in Program Files (x86).
Am I able to simply copy these and move them to the same directory on my new computer?
Seems to simple... im sure theres a catch.

You should not move the SQL database by copying the files unless you absolutely have to (disaster recovery). You should always seek to use a SQL back up to move data from one computer to another.

Moving SQL databases between SQL servers on different computers will lead to internal inconsistences that will have to be resolved before you are able to use the database correctly.

If you are able to use Maximizer quick back-up on your old computer to create a .bak file then you will generally be able to restore this on your new computer using the Maximizer administrator. However, there can still be issues when moving between computers.

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