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Running Win10, and Motherboard failure resulted in a complete reload of system drive, all patched up.

Win 10 has worked with previously loaded version, with Hotfix 1 & 2, but now reload runs, but will not show any printer. Actually HF 2 will not reload either, possibly the problem? 

Maximizer only tries to sell me an upgrade. Selling the business, and do not wish to spend at this time.

Any suggestions would be most welcome. Printer works with other Win Apps., i.e, Quicken QB Pro, and 

Office 2013 Pro.



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Hi Bill,

No doubt Maximizer would have told you that the CRM 11 release isn't supported in Windows 10, so that's why they're probably suggesting upgrading.

We could 'try' to trouble-shoot the problem for you under hourly chargeable consultancy, but as it's not officially supported in Windows 10 we cannot guarantee a successful resolution.

If this is something you'd be interested in, then please reply to my business email address ( and we'll continue our discussions in private?



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