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When I open the "E-Mail Window to work with E-Mails" in Maximizer, I can see the outlook folders. However, when I leave it for a bit or open a message within Maximizer all of Maximizer freezes. The only way to have maximizer close is to open the task manager and end task it. If I never open the "E-Mail Window to work with E-Mails" in Maximizer, I can email to contacts within Maximizer by using the "email icon" from the home tab. NOT the "work with emails icon" on the task bar. (which opens the window)

In preferences - I use profile "Outlook" and Override extended MAPI is NOT selected

Under Advanced - Microsoft Exchange Server is Selected

Under Synchronization "never" is selected as well as Outlook profile "Outlook" and Maximizer CRM overrides is selected

On my old machine running Max 9 under profiles there is “Eugene” this was also on the new machine within Max 12. It is no longer there. Maybe that is an issue?? I do not know.

My Computer is running

Windows 8 Pro 64bit
Outlook 2013
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013
Microsoft Exchange
SQL Server 2012
When I look in Task Manager Outlook, sql, and maximizer are running 32 bit

Attached is a snap shot of the preference windows and an error. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.


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