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When doing a mass email, if you select too many entries to send to the email doesn't go through. You get a "No transport provider available" error.

I've had this happen before and figured out the correct number through trial & error, but can't remember what it is. An associate who has used Max forever sends out email blasts in groups of 96 which he says works all the time. This is borne out by my attempt today to use blocks of 100, which worked in 4 cases and failed the 5th.

I can default to blocks of 96, but does anyone have any idea why this is happening and how we could fix it?

TIA - R.
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Sounds to me like it's your ISP's SPAM blocker kicking in. Many ISPs incorporate an upper limit that an email account holder can send emails with the same subject, etc.

In some cases, emails over this limit bounce and either the ISP may cut service if it repeats or reduce this upper limit. I don't think it's a Max issue.

Bulk emailers or little ones like I employ our own smtp server getting around this issue.

- Iris

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