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I downloaded a trial version of Maximizer 9 and installed it on an older computer that I have before taking the plunge to try it out on my work computer. I followed the instructions for Syncing with Outlook and did so. Everything seemed to sync OK.

Anyhow, I paid for the product and using the same instructions installed it on my work computer. Maximizer seems to have screwed up my Outlook. Although syncing the Address book, it changed all the contacts in Outlook to be viewed by "First" and then "Last" name meaning that if I wanted to search for John Doe I have to type John first and not Doe first. In addition all the contacts that I had set to file as company name first are changes to the first and last name view, even though the setting in the contact say they are still set to file as company name. This is not the first time I have had issues with Maximizer products. I found the older versions much more forgiving particularly Max 97, etc. Every since they have gotten heavy into the Outlook integration I find results somewhat uppredictable.

In addtion, I am only given the first 3 "Default" options to display the names and numbers under the Columns drop down menu in the Address book.

Any help appreciated.
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