Due to a theft I have had to re-install Max 9 on two windows 7 machines. Works perfectly on one machine but keeps giving error 8520 on the 2nd one.
Advise please.
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It's not clear from your post but I think you are referring to a Pervasive installation of Maximizer 9.   Maximizer has moved on a lot from that version so I am afraid we aren't able to suggest a resoltion for this.

In fact Maximizer is now only available as a web based application.   The benefit of this being that you do not have to maintain it yourself and also of course it cannot be stolen along with your hardware.

For more information on the latest edition of Maximizer please fee free to give us a call on +44 (0)345 2608801 or visit https://www.advoco-solutions.c...imizer-crm-software/

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