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We are using Max 9 with Max Exchange (Pervasive Client Server). I followed the Instructions from Maximizer about the upgrade (Backup/restore on 5.5, and ensure all packets have been processed on the remotes and the Server), Then copied the Max Files to a new server after adding the database, ran the upgrade and all is working OK on the network.
We then install Max Exchange, and sent refreshes to the remotes. We now have a problem with opening embedded documents on the remotes, plus documents are not were the should be. Which Open perfectly will on the LAN. We have the used the ITC to create a program to export and re-import all the documents (this takes about 10 Hours to run through all the Documents). This has fixed the position of the documents in the database but we still have some problems opening the documents on the Remote. The strange thing is that newly created documents work OK.

Any help would be appreciated

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