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Hi Lindsay,

I'm not surprised Maximizer CRM 10 Enterprise doesn't work on Windows 10, because CRM 10 release is around 12 years old and wasn't developed with Windows 10 in mind, so they're incompatible.

You'll need to upgrade to the latest CRM 2019 R3 release, for which you'll need a true Windows Server and SQL (although you can use the free SQL express if your database is less that 10GB in (size-on-disk) - Can we switch to a private message about that or via your gmail email address?

Please also note that the last time we upgraded such an old release that hadn't been maintained & upgraded over the years, had over 1,000 corruptions in one area of the database, so upgrading and verifying your database will be a necessary part of any upgrade.

The Enterprise edition is the highest/fullest edition supporting lots of users, but there are other editions of Maximizer that may be more appropriate for you that don't need a server, such as Maximizer's "CRM Live" (cloud) edition - How many users do you have?

Lastly, are you sure your on the CRM 10 "Enterprise" edition (not the Standalone "Entrepreneur" edition) - Look under the Help for the "About Maximizer" for details of the exact release you have (if you still have access to it)?




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