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Hi, If you have OUTLOOK you can
1. Disable auto signature into MAX
2. Enable (into preferences email)Compose message using email service provider editor.
3. Compose a nice email signature into outlook that suite you.
4. Keep outlook running while working with maximizer.

Result each time you will send email from max. it will pop-up Outlook new email that will have your signature. You can look profesionnal and increase revenu.
How simple was that!
It can't, Feejo. Max 8 will only create emails in text format even via Outlook. This is an acknowledged bug. What you have to do is turn integration to Outlook on, then create the email, then use Format > HTML to turn the email into HTML. Then use Format > Style to pick a style that gives you the font you need.

Sounds awkward, but once you've done it for a while it's not a big deal. I do it for every email I send out.

- R.

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