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Currently using Max 7 (not, repeat, not Enterprise), Pervasive engine, 8 users under Terminal Services with Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Email being handled by Outlook 2000, no Exchange server. Given the announcement about Max 7 no longer being supported after May 16 we're looking at upgrading to Max 9 (not, repeat, not Enterprise). If anyone can share information on the following areas I'd really appreciate it :

1) My perception is that Maximizer 9 is relatively stable (certainly compared to Maximizer 8); How true is that?

2) Has anyone upgraded from 7 directly to 9? What was it like? Any tips or tricks? What about for upgrades from 7-8 or 8-9?

3) Has anyone implemented Max 9 on Terminal Services? Any thoughts on how well this will work, or tips/tricks/traps?

4) Would Outlook 2000 continue to work or would we require Exchange server?

5) What Outlook and Windows server versions work best with Max 9?

6) How well does Max 9 run under Pervasive? Are there good reasons to upgrade to the SQL version for an implementation of our size?

7) What hidden upgrade costs have you run into?

8) What good resources are there out there for gaining solid background knowledge?

9) Anything else we should be aware of?

TIA - R.
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Rooster, you should really consider get at least one license for v9 and set it up on a test box.

You have to remember that with v8 the whole structue of UDFs changed, Crystal Reports replaced ReportSmith and so on and so on.

If you haven't added on to v7 or wrote scripts, reports or tied v7 into any other apps then an upgrade will be easier of course. However, if you have then you'll have lots of testing to do.

I have one license of v9 and thats certainly the route I'm taking. However, I'll say that I'm in no rush. We've built onto v7 with the help of BPs and the like and upgrading to v9 would be more cosmetic than anything else for us at this time.

- Iris
Thanks, Iris. Appreciate the reminders re V8, etc. changes - was definitely planning to do the single license test box but before I dive in even that far I want to have an idea of how deep the water may be and what might be living in it. Haven't added onto V7, written scripts or reports or added on so that part will be simpler.

Are you using Terminal Services?

- R.

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