I have been advised by my firm which is doing an upgrade of the OS from XP to Windows 7 that we will require Maximizer 12 or higher to be compatible.

I have dug around and Maximizer CRM 11 seems to work on Windows 7.

Can someone confirm that 11 works on Windows 7?

The Maximizer business model these days is terrible and we are prohibited from using any cloud editions for client privacy purposes. We dont want to switch from owning the software to paying the old permanent cost per seat every month per user.

A definitive answer would be most helpful.

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Maximizer CRM 11 supported Windows 7. Maximizer still offers on premise and cloud offerings. I am not sure why you believe otherwise....... hopefully this helps. You may find however running an old version such as Maximizer CRM 11 does not make sense. Feel free to contact us on 0044 345 2608801 to discuss this.

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