Hello, There are a lot of business users who use Macs. I personally run a PowerBook G4 and switched to Mac two years ago. My ONLY complaint about the Mac is that I can no longer use Maximizer (unless I use it within Virtual PC, which is too slow for constant use). I am posting this with the hopes that all the other Mac business users I've met on other sites will come and make requests as well, so that Maximizer will make a Mac version. There is a lot of opportunity for someone to capture the CRM market of Mac users.
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Maximizer CRM Live (Cloud-Based) version of Maximizer is a CRM for Mac.

Maximizer CRM Live integrates the flow of information between a cloud-based CRM database and web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox®, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and mobile browsers like Pocket Internet Explorer, Blackberry® Web Browser, Opera for Mobile, Safari, and the Android™ and Nokia® web browsers.

You can check it out and take a free trial at: http://www.maximizer.com/crm-live/features.html
Maximizers web interface includes add-ins that integrate into Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. The Microsoft Word add-in allows you to merge details from the current contact or list of contacts into a Microsoft Word template document. This works exactly like Maximizers in-built word integration for the Windows client.

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