Cant open Maximizer CRM 12.  Get a message that says "Maximizer CRM has not been activated. Activation is required in order to continue to use Maximizer CRM"

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Hi Michael,

I suspect you've installed (or re-installed) a standalone PC Maximizer Entrepreneur edition version?

If so, the final part of the installation process requires that the software installation is ‘Activated’ by the manufacture, for which they'll make a charge (per activation), as it means coordinating that with them over the phone.  You'll have to contact Maximizer Software directly for that.

Even if all goes well, we don’t recommend this as a long-term solution (as the costs above would apply each time you have to re-install it) and would advise instead that you consider moving your Maximizer database into Maximizer's “CRM Live” cloud platform and access it via the internet on PC/Tablet/Mobile devices.  If you're interested in this, then please come back to me and we'll continue our chat privately.



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