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I am currently using Maximizer Enterprise 5 with Maximzer Exchange using btreive 6.15 and I am having a few problems. During Synchronisation(E-Mail)I receive a message saying "The database is locked(waiting)"and this happen's even when all user's on the LAN are logged off, I also get a message saying "file in use" message during synchronisation. Any ideas
Also I have removed a distribution site from the distribution manager and now when i try to re enter him i receive a message saying "I must complete all pending transactions, before completion". Please can you explain and is there anyway of correcting this without re setting up the distribution list because I don't want to up set the configuration of my other distribution sites.
And finally I have been getting various invailid page faults during syncing do you reconize them PVPLUS32.DLL/MXLIB32.DLL. I look forward to hear from you it might just stop this constant headache. Thanks
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I might need a little more detail..

Which Versions of maximizer/ max exchange are you using?

Are you using client server btrieve?

The Record locked message ( if this is a message at the max exchange server)
is usually because there a document still open.

If you have c/s btrieve then use the server monitor to kill off any files/users still
open after the users log out. If you don't have client server btrieve.
CTRL + ALT+DEL all pcs and remove w32mkde from the task list it should then go away.

As you get a file in use message you may also have a problem with incorrect btrive
configuration (ie incorrect mode).

If you remove a site from the distribution list you need to process
packets before you re-add the site. But, since you have a problem with this the
above needs sorted out first.

Any crash during syncing is bad news I assume you mean this happeans at the workstation?

All in all it sounds like a file versions/conflicts type problem with
some other software.. and /or a not very clean maximizer installation.


Ian Wallace

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