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Hi - I'm in serious need of help

I have an age-old version of maximizer (CRM 12 Entrepreneur version) i've been using for years to manage my business.
It hasn't been able to load since the weekend when i did a windows 7 update (and updated adobe flash).

This happened once before but i can't remember how we fixed it.

Eventually after several minutes it gets to a screen saying "Maximizer CRM has not been activated"
I click to activate, it takes me to a screen w customer number (blank), product serial number (blank), and license# that's incorrect (though it won't let me change).

Is anybody else having this?
Any suggestions on how to fix it?

Anything welcome.

Many thanks,
.. Mary Ellen
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Hi Mary,

Assuming that "Maximizer CRM has not been activated" is your only problem, then the final part of the installation process requires that the software installation is ‘Activated’ by the manufacture, for which they charge for, as it means us coordinating that with them over the phone.

Even if all goes well, we don’t recommend this as a long-term solution (as the costs above would apply each time you have to re-install it) and would advise instead that you consider moving your Maximizer database into Maximizer's “CRM Live” cloud platform and access it via the internet on PC/Tablet/Mobile devices, via a monthly subscription.  A one-off fee is also required to upgrade your database from CRM 12 to the latest CRM 2018 format, before we can upload it into Maximizer CRM Live platform for you.

Please feel free to call me (Paul Coughlan) on Tel: +44 (0)345-2608801 to discuss the above with me directly.

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