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Hi Guys, first post!

We are quite a large organisation with about 40 Max Remote users and branch offices around the world. All of our branch offices are interconnected via IPSec VPN and our remote users sync via either IPSec or PPTP VPN.

The problem I have been having for quite some time is that during the FTP transfer of packets either incoming or outgoing, quite often a packet will only partially transfer. When the MaxRemote client tries to process this packet it will hang, resulting in a .TMP file.

The MaxRemote client will not process any more packets and SPDM.exe will sit at 100% CPU usage bringing the system to a crawl. The only way to fix this is for me to manually connect, kill spdm.exe, remove the .TMP file from the INBOX and restrasmit the correct .ATT file. Then I have to restart MaxRemote and peform a process and hope that there are no more bad packet in the INBOX which will force me to repeat the process.

Does anyone have any idea as to why so many of the packets are failing to transfer correctly? This is really killing me!

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