A huge clunky install that includes the installation of the massive and rather unstable Microsoft Sequel database engine. SQL

If ever you need to do a re-install due to the instability of this software watch out! If your installation crashes, which it frequently does, you will not be able to re-install this product without either a fresh re-installation of windows or paying their third party tech support provider over $200.00 up front without any guarantees of success.

In my case, the tech provider was in my computer for over a day without adequately fixing the problem.

Tech did admit that the uninstall engine of Maximizer is faulty!

I'm removing this software from my computer and going with an alternative.

Lots of features but generally counter-intuitive and slow to load and inefficient.

Buyer beware!!!!!
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Having been a happy user of Maximizer since it's DOS days and trained companies on it's use, I have found over recent years that it has become much more difficult to install and set up.

At a recent upgrade I was told, incorrectly that I HAD to have someone install it for me which is a blatant lie and yet another way of trying to squeeze more money out of the users. Gone are the days of helpful support staff, now it is some person at a desk with a telephone that wants your credit card number to arrange a visit sometime in the next two weeks! Appalling way to treat any customer let alone a long serving one like myself.

I am slowly moving data that goes back to 1996 over to Office 365 and the incredibly useful and low cost Evernote Business Edition.

It will be a good day when I don't have to mess around with Maximizer any more!
Today's equivalent of the Maximizer DOS product is Maximizer Entrepreneur which is sold for self installation in a retail form. In most cases users can install it without difficulty however, it is sometimes the case that pre-existing software on a computer will conflict and make the installation more difficult.

If you are a customer for the Group or Enterprise products these are a world (and 20 years) away from the old DOS installation. For this reason Maximizer Software in EMEA specify in their terms and conditions that the product should be installed by a authorised provider's trained consultant who will be familiar with the configuration required that is not completed for you by the set up programme and who will also have experience of installing the application in different Windows environments.

To get the most from investment in any significant CRM application Maximizer or otherwise, most businesses will benefit from the assistance of a experienced consultant who will accelerate their learning and help them to quickly get the most from the product. Installation is just a part of this service the reason Maximizer Software specify use of a Authorised Provider is to ensure that their customers get the best experience of the product.

If you need the assistance of an experienced and authorised consultant please contact us as www.cabc.co.uk

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