Hello everyone, I've been using Maximizer for almost 20 years. My latest upgrade was to Maximizer 11 years ago. I do not need cloud functionality and the program fully meets my needs. I bought a new Windows 10 computer as my old one became too slow. Tried to install/reinstall Maximizer 11 several times with worse outcome each time. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount to a person who can make it work for me. Email/calling functionality is not required, I use it as data base only. Any response is appreciated.
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Hi Yuri,

I'll send you a more detailed reply privately, but essentially Maximizer CRM 11 Entrepreneur edition is not compatible with Windows 10 and CRM 12 Entrepreneur was the last version and is also not compatible with Windows 10.

You'll need to either upgrade to the Group edition (running on a Windows Server operating system) or move your Address Book into the Maximizer CRM Live shared cloud environment - I'll email further details and budgetary costs to you now.

Feel free to call me on Tel: +00(0)345-2608801 during UK office hours for a chat should you have any further questions.
Thank you for offering. I had it done with the help from Island CRM Consulating in British Columbia, Canada (www.islandcrm.com).

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