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Any sign of the new Maxdoc yet? Youve been working on it for a year havent you?

We have 2 burning issues;

1. The ability to specify with a template what saving action should happen when a document is created from it.

For example, if you create a "Purchase Order" template, then it MUST be save, and MUST be saved to the Linked file store..

We lose lots of documents because people forget to tick the right boxes..

2. Template corruption.

We do a lot of mail merging, and the Maxdoc templates get corrupted pretty much every single time.. No idea why.

3. There are several other features we have already submitted to CABC for inclusion to make Maxdoc better..
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Just another suggestion for the next Maxdoc.

It would also be nice to have a "Drill down" for selecting templates.

At the moment all the templates are in 1 big long list which can take ages to search thru.

If you had say a expanding menu / folder system you could have nested templates - for example;

Office Templates
Standard Letter
General Fax

Product 1 Templates
Thanks for your interest
Follow up letter

Product 2 Templates
Different thanks for your interest
Product comparisons

this would be VERY useful for us!
Hi Jason,

We have been discussing this today, this is very likely to make the list for V2 however we are still deciding on what the best way to structure the template storage will be.

In Maxdoc V1.2 there is the functionality to use the Myfolder option you can quickly repoint this to different folders or subfolders of you templates directory. This will give you some ability to structure your template layouts however its not ideal .

Thank you for you suggestions we always like to hear feedback on how the products can be improved.

CABC Support

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