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Prior to version 9 all documents, both embedded and linked, are stored as OLE package objects within the address book "Letters" file (MXZL.MAX). Access to the documents outside of the Maximizer user interface is *not* a trivial exercise.

That said, some Business Partners have built tools to manipulate documents. For example, see the reference to "Linked Document Mover" and "Document Extraction" on

(Disclaimer: I don't work for CABC and I have not used either of the tools mentioned.)
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>And what about Max version 9? How/where are they stored now?

They are stored in the same place (i.e., inside the "Letters" file/table), but they don't have the OLE wrapper applied any more. Now they are just BLOBs corresponding to the file contents (if embedded) or the file path (if linked).

Note that documents from v8 and earlier will remain as OLE objects after converting the address book to v9. However, documents added after the conversion will be stored in the new "OLE-free" format.

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