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We are running Max CRM11 and we are trying to find the preloaded Success Factors for the Strategy Templates. The two SFs that are missing are Political Alignment & On Schedule. Without them, the roles and tasks have no effect on the probability of close.
Does anyone know where they went or how to load them back up?
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Maximizer includes two success factors:

Political Alignment – This success factor measures the impact

of the key people who can influence the outcome of an


On Schedule – Maximizer uses this success factor to determine

whether an opportunity is ahead or behind schedule.

Success Factors are defined in Administrator. These two factors,

along with the others that you define, must be weighted according

to their importance in pursuing the opportunity. You can’t delete the

predetermined success factors—if these success factors have no

significance, assign the success factors a weight of zero, or don’t

assign them to the strategy.


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