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I am starting you use the send email feature from Enterprice 4.0 and when I remember to add text to put in the log it works OK.

I am manually adding a salutation and signature each time and I don't know where to find the template or if there is a feature I can turn on. Any hints?
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It is possible to autosignature emails wth Maximizer Enterprise 5 or 2000 (which have greatly improved email capabilities over Enterprise 4), but unfortunately not with Maximizer Enterprise 4.

The only way to do this in Maximizer Enterprise 4 is by creating a document template in the Maximizer Word processor which you can later merge to email from the menu File->Merge->To Email. From the File->Merge->to Email option you can choose who to send it to (i,e the current list, or the current entry, etc), and whether to send it in the body of the email (so that it appears as a normal email) or as an attachment.

I Hope this is of some help.
CABC Support

If you prefer Microsoft Word, CABC's addon "Max Doc" will add the same features into Words menus and is compatible with Enterprise 4.

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