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Had a customer come into my shop today that was having issues with their Maximizer CRM 12. When he first brought it in, Max12 would take 15-20 mins before it would either open or go "not responding" and crash, more often then naught it was the latter.
Uninstalled it and reinstalled, then it wouldn't open at all.

Figured either a hardware or OS issue, tested his hard drive passed fine. so I copied all the data out of his user folder and didn't see anything outside of it that concerned Max12. The customer had pointed me to a folder in his documents folder labelled Maximizer Data BackUp that contains a few folders all filled with .SAV files.

After the reload and installing of Max12 I have found getting him back up and going is not so easily done. So I don't have a copy or backup of his address book, just these .sav files.....

Anyone been in this situation before?
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