We request some assistance with this problem.

We exported a list of emails from our Maximizer data base. This list was sent to a 3rd party to email out our newsletter. Following this mailout, this 3rd party then sent us a list of emails (as a comma delimited file) that bounced; 657 emails that are no longer valid. Now we would like to go into our Maximizer data base and remove the email addresses from each record. Alternatively, we could create a New User defined field (say invalid_email: y/n) and set the value to "yes" for each of these contacts.

Aside from sitting down and doing a manual search for each of the 657 addresses, is there an easier way?

Any help would be welcomed!
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Hi Jan,

For the benefit of other MaxTalk members...Yes, there are easier ways to do what you want, but what's easily possible depends on your Maximizer release and whether you're using the Windows client or Web Access.

I'll email you and summarise, but what we can offer will be chargeable so this is not the right forum for that discussion.
We have Maximizer Enterprise CRM 2016R2 which we access through Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mircosoft Edge on Windows 10 depending on the machines. We host the database ourselves.

Upon review, we would like to do for each contact (individual or company) whose email appears in the list, I would like:
- to add a note that includes the obsolete email address and statement (“old email address:”) and
- to clear the field where email appears.

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