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I read your post about recording notes against a search ID number. I am also looking at Max for recruiting purposes and have found mixed results in terms of fit. I"d like to make it work out ( max 9 ent ) because I love the stability of the pervasive 9 backend, and the ease-of-use to build new fields and the unlimited fields in opportunities, among others. However, I find it difficult after using act or goldmine, especially to fire-off quick formatted emails, as this is so backward in maximizer, as far as I am concerned.

Will you be kind enough to record your observations and tips about how you've organized maximizer to handle recruiting? do you use opportunities for search assignments? can you keep a log ( associate an opportunity to multiple contyacts? ) of whom you spoke to concerning a certain job? Can you use it for marketing candidates to potential new clients, etc etc. Can you report on calls made for recruiting and marketing per day, etc? Is Max better than your previous CRM in terms of suitability for the industry?

Any insights here would be invaluable.

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