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I am using Maximizer 9 HF1 (not enterprise) and I encountered an issue with outlook 2003. I performed an upgrade from Max 8 DB with success. once i use the outlook synchronisation with contacts, the first name and last name of my contacts are switched in the Max 9 DB. The outlook synchro is automatic. For a contact, the First name is replacing the Last name. I do not understand why?

Do you have an idea?


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I just downloaded Max 9 and had the same thing happen. I noticed that not only did the first name replace the last name, but also that any names I had told to file as Company name were also now filing as contact first name. I called tech support and they said that it was a known issue and to download SP1 for Max 9 to fix the problem. Seemed to work for the first sync only and the next one it screwed up again.

Also, does anyone else find it takes quite a while for the sync to finish? I have about 600 contacts
Believe it or not it did and I'm not sure why. I am wondering if in the Outlook Sync tab if I might have inadvertantly selected Maximizer Overrides under Conflicts.

With that said however I restored Outlook and did a clean install of Max 9. Everything is working great now, including the Palm Sync.

Kudos to Maximizer on the new Outlook sync feature. Overall it was better to work through than trying to import information like in Max 8.

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