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I don't know if early version before 9 do it but thise is how I do it.
1. I alway's create new contact informations in OUTLOOK 2003.
2. I go in Menu, Action: transfer to Vcard
3. It will show a email with a Vcard attached, I double click on it and save it somewhere (lets say the desktop)
4. Now I go into Maximizer,then choose from the file menu, choose VCARD, Import.
5. I go after the Vcard,
6. Then you choose sanve and edit, he ask if want to create a contact or compagny, indidual, you choose what ever you want. If it is a contact from a compagny I alway's choose to create a contact and a compagny.
7. ***** It is done... but there is a bug I discover, is that the note text in outlook, Max transfer it into a Manual note tab: everything is normal in it, but I find out that he transfer only a portion of it (like the first 5 lines). So when you will look at it you will seee it miss text, and can be alot of text. (bug not fixed yet into version 8 SR2
8. To fix that MANUALLY (no choice), go back into the outlook note for that client, then cute&paste it into the max note. And that is it.

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